Lectionary Reflection: Matthew 13:31-35, 44-52. And Treasures and Pearls


Are you a disciple?  So what did he mean you are like a homeowner?  Did you ever notice that the little bits at the end of the passage are the ones most often ignored?  Actually, they are often the summary of what went before…

So, are you a homeowner?  I am, and what a headache, not to mention the expense.  (Actually, the bank still owns my home).  But I have to do all the upkeep inside, outside (the yard and all) and furnish it, and hopefully make it a good place for my children to grow up.

Being a disciple isn’t any easier.  We have to take care of the word, the way, the house of the Lord in the midst of all the weeds and crabgrass and corruption that surrounds us.  Bad fish and good fish both swim in the same sea, you know.  But still, we try to make it a good place for the children of God to grow up, no?


I have no treasure.  My wife gets it all, and what she doesn’t get, the kids take.  I have a storeroom… well, mostly in the garage.

But here Jesus said out of my disciple storeroom I should bring NEW treasures as well as old.  How can I share new treasures?  Where do they come from?  Everything I have has dust on it.  Just ask my wife.

Do you remember Ms Wilson from second grade Sunday school?  No?  Well, someone like her maybe.  You know, some of the things she taught were right on the money.  As an adult, they have filtered down into my unconscious mind to the place of my most deeply held beliefs and cherished feelings.  I don’t even question them anymore.  Impressionable youth are like that.  But you know, some of the things she taught were way off the mark.  Some of the things my parents taught me were not exactly hitting the nail on the head type teachings.

I think what it is, Jesus wants us to question all that stuff.  Yes, the deep down stuff we don’t ever question.  He wants his Word and Spirit to get down to our root.  Some old things down there will ring true (or since I am writing in clichés, I might repeat) they are right on the money.  But some things may be turned upside-down.  There was an old British hymn, the one Cornwallis played when he surrendered to George Washington at Yorktown.  It was called, the World Turned Upside-down.  That is Jesus.

Jesus makes everything new?  Well, it isn’t necessary to make everything new.  It is more like that old evangelical saying:  He accepts the sinners just where they are but loves them too much to leave them there.  Some beliefs need rethinking.  They need to be refigured, or reconfigured as this digital age might say.  They need to be turned upside-down, to be seen in a new light in a new way, to become new treasures, and when put together with the old (tried and true) they need to go to my spouse and children.  No?

Treasures and pearls.  Now, that is what he said the Kingdom of God was like.  Makes me think of pirate things.  I sail the seas, hauling up treasure from the deep.  I’ll let the Lord worry about the good and bad fish.  I want the great pearls.  Why?  So my wife and kids can get it.  So I can share my treasure with the children of God.  What else is treasure good for?



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