Anatomy of a Storyteller: On the Road 1.0

              There is a road in this world. As the prophet said at Christmastime, make in the wilderness a highway for our God. We need to bring down the mountains and raise up the valleys and make it straight. Of course, that is not so easy to do.

              There are bends and twists and turns in our road so that often we cannot see very far ahead. We cannot know what may be around the next bend. And there are trees and boulders and more subtle dips and rises that make our walk difficult at times. There are swamps and marshes to wear us out. Sometimes there are fantastic growths and jungles to hack through. The horizon is often hidden from us. And the wilderness holds many surprises. There is no telling in advance who or what we might meet or run into.

              Sometimes we must walk this road alone, but often there are others who walk beside us for a time: parents and siblings, spouses and children, friends and sometimes enemies. But most often their roads turn off here and there. Sometimes they may join up again further along, or cross over our path from time to time, but it seems that nothing in this world is forever. The road we walk is our own.

              It has always intrigued me to see where each of us is headed. All of these roads, trails, paths through the wilderness are certainly going somewhere. And there are crossroads at times. Make no mistake about that. At times we have to choose which turn, which direction to take. When confronted with a choice, I have noticed that very few have a clear vision as to which way to go. For most, it seems the choice is only made in hope. “I hope this is the right way. I hope this is my way.” Often, by God’s grace things work out. Sometimes they do not and we struggle to reach the next crossroad.

              But the thing is, though we walk, and we cannot help but walk this road, most don’t know where they are going.

              C. S. Lewis said it well. “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will do.”

              And that seems the philosophy of most of us, realize it or not.

              True, we read the road signs and most often we look for the ones that point to success, money, position, power, and vainly keep our eyes open for the road sign that points to happiness. But where these roads will ultimately take us is not known. Most don’t think of the end of the road. Most don’t like to think about it.

              Will it be a nursing home in Florida where we sit in a wheelchair and stare out the window, feeling lost and neglected? I don’t know. I know that is not what anyone has in mind.

              Thomas asked Jesus. “How can we know where you are going? How can we know the way?”

              Jesus replied, “I am the way.”

              I am only now learning this great lesson.

             Anatomy of a Storyteller is the story of a lost soul – my own. It is an absolutely personal telling of my life. Even if most of it takes place in the second heavens or in the imagination or in dreamland or however you choose to call it, it is a remarkable reflection of events in the so-called real world. Don’t let the fantastic settings fool you.

              The thing is, it is what happened on the inside that mattered most. True, my wife has said I live in a fantasy land, but it is God’s intention to transform us from the inside-out. Thus it is not the outside story that really matters in anyone’s life. So whether the story takes place in the Second Heavens or in New Jersey isn’t the point. It is the inside story that counts. And so it is, my anatomy that will be unearthed in the days, months and maybe even years to come. I will try to minimize the blood.


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