Lectionary Reflection: John 1:29-42: Disciples

Okay.  Too much snow.  I’m falling behind here.  No detailed frame here, just some notes of a couple of things that occurred to me in reading this passage.

1.         John had disciples.  It was not just Jesus.  In fact every “teacher” of any standing had disciples back then.  The Greeks had disciples.  Plato started a whole school for his disciples.  Buddah had disciples and etcetera….

The difference for Jesus was after he ascended, his disciples did not become the new masters with disciples of their own.  In fact, there was a name change.  They got called apostles, and they still made disciples, but those were disciples of Jesus.  Then those disciples went out from the apostles and made more disciples of Jesus.  And so on down to the present day.

So, the question is how many disciples of Jesus have I made?  How many have you made?  I don’t mean believers in Jesus.  I mean disciples.  Think about it.

2.         Andrew and (most scholars say) John must have really hated the fishing business.  While their older brothers Simon (Peter) and James were out on the lake trying to make a living, their no good, lazy little brothers were off following the latest do-da man.  Most recently this John fellow who thought everyone needed a bath.

I can just hear James now:  “Honestly, Simon, it wouldn’t hurt if you considered…”

When Andrew came to fetch his brother Simon, do you think he might have said, “No, this time I really mean it!”

3.         So Simon met Jesus and immediately Jesus changed the man’s name.  He either said:  Simon, you rock!  Or Simon, you are a rock!  Or Simon, you got rocks in your head.  Or the always popular “D”  all of the above.

I vote for “D” all of the above.  Peter did rock, he was a rock, and at times he acted like he had rocks for brains.  Down south in redneck country they have a name for such a person:  Bubba.  And be honest, Peter was a Bubba.

Peter was a Bubba…Someone ought to write that book.

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