Lectionary Reflection: Luke 20:27-38. To Infinity and Beyond!

Some thoughts to ponder:  Can God create a rock he cannot lift?  Does a snake have hips?  Does a chicken have lips?…  I swear, the things we come up with to have disputes about!

Okay, so are you a pre-millenialist, post-millenialist, a-millenialist or a what’s-a-millenialist?  Does the word antidisestablishmentarianism really mean anything to you?  Can my son back the car into the garage without backing it into the garage?  Thus are the imponderables of life.

The truth is, everyone (generally) likes a good mystery, but currently we are used to having the mystery all solved and wrapped up in ribbons and bows in an hour (T. V. time).  Too bad real life doesn’t work that way.

Now, be honest.  Do you really understand what Professor Hawkings was talking about when he postulated alternate universes?  Could you do the math?  Would you have come up with E=Mc2?  What else don’t you understand about the life which is right in front of your eyes?

So, forget the red robes because that was the only source of funding in those days and answer how ticked you think all of those scientists were (and that was what they were) with Galileo – and after they invested their whole lives in Ptolemy!  And, how loud do you think the laughter was in the Royal Society when that fellow brought in the first duckbilled platypus? 

We hardly understand life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, much less things beyond our normal, everyday experiences.  Like the Trinity.  Is this really a graspable concept?  So here these Sadducee knuckleheads postulate a question about what happens after death.  Like someone is going to know?  Foolish disputations…

SIDEBAR:  The difference between Pharisees and Sadducees:  The Pharisees (numbskulls) were the ones who had all the laws, rules and regulations that everybody was supposed to follow.  In this way they tried to make life “fair” (everyone equal).  The Sadducees (knuckleheads) did not believe in much.  For example, they did not believe in the resurrection from the dead that the Scriptures talked about.  They believed this life was it – all there was or would be and so they were sad, you see?

So we are standing beside Paul in that dark room with only a flickering candle, trying to catch a glimpse of ourselves in the brass (mirror) and seeing only a dim, distorted picture, and these knuckleheads want to talk about what is on the other side of the mirror?

Jesus, of course, was brilliant and we learn something besides which we would have no other way of knowing.  Those considered worthy of the resurrection are God’s children and as children we don’t marry.  Then he added a note for the knuckleheads to chew on: That death is not greater than God.  That to God, all are alive, even knuckleheads.


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