Lectionary Reflection: Luke 15:1-35 Sheep, Coins and Sons II

Didn’t I already do this one?  Oh yeah: https://michaelkizzia.wordpress.com/2010/03/12/lectionary-reflection-luke-151-32-sheep-coins-and-sons-what-can-we-say/

What else can we say?  How about the rejoicing part?

I feel the party of God is often neglected in these stories.  Each story, you see, ends with a party and often that just gets mentioned.  I suppose that is because everyone has their own idea of what a good party is like.  Well, between you and me I don’t think the party of God will be like even the best party you have been to.  Instead, I feel it will be something like this.

It is cold outside, snowing, but we are inside warm and snuggly in blankets, a roaring fire in the fireplace, watching the best Christmas movie.  The tree in the corner is bright and everywhere we look there are signs of Christmas.  In fact, it will be Christmas in the morning. 

Imagine you are a child waking up on the best Christmas morning ever.  The big present in the corner has your name on it.  You get that one special thing you always wanted.  There is enough food for three families and you can eat whatever you want, including all of your candy.  The people you most love are all there.  Everyone is happy.

Okay, maybe that never really happened, but it will.  God’s party will be something like that, only better – much better.

There is certainly room in these stories to sing Amazing Grace, but we can also sing Rejoice, the Lord is King, Praise Ye the Lord, the Almighty, Ask Ye What Great Thing I Know, or maybe Joy to the World.  So what if it is September.


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