Reflection on Christian Living. Meditation on Giving

Give and it shall be given unto you

Give and you shall receive

Consider the lilies of the field and the birds of the air, and give.

Quality of life is not determined by what we get out of life but by what we give.  We live in a consumer culture.  We are oriented to get from birth.  At least we expect a fair return on our investment.  For some it may be near impossible to turn this consumer thinking on its head, but if you ever want to be satisfied, fulfilled and happy, explore your strengths, loves and talents and all that makes you unique and live to give.  Live to give.  Don’t worry about the get.  It will take care of itself.

With God, we are able to give more than we ask or think because when we give it is out of God’s abundance, not merely our own.  Miracles can happen when we give: love, joy, peace.  Lives are changed when we share patience, goodness, gentle-kindness.  Our lives, too, will never be the same when we offer faithfulness, humility and self-control.

The heartache in this world is there are so many people who are only focused on what they can get.  They are willing and determined to take and take and take.  They do not see people, only objects meant to satisfy their incessant needs.  They do not see people.  They are too busy looking at themselves.  How can we minimize the damage these people do without penalizing those who live to give…  There’s the rub.

One thing we can do is give what cannot be taken: Love, forgiveness and prayer.  Above all prayer.



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